China stable foreign trade policy will raise the quota

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Influenced by the international and domestic economic fluctuation, China’s import and export situation is not optimistic. The state attaches great importance to the deployment, recently, in addition to thoroughly research, will also be in again this year introduced measures to stabilize foreign trade. Wang Yang, vice premier of the State Council recently in the operation of foreign trade Liaoning research stressed, to play the role of the market and the government “two hands”, as soon as possible to curb the declining trend in foreign trade, to prevent the deceleration to continue to stall.
Not completed three consecutive years of growth target
China as global import and export trade country, in recent years, the foreign trade situation has not just as one wishes, from 2012 to 2014, did not complete the goal of growth for 3 consecutive years.
Enter 2015, the situation is still grim. Customs data show that in the first 2 months of 3.79 trillion yuan, China’s import and export value over the same period last year fell 2%. Export growth 15.3%; imports fell by 19.9%; the trade surplus widened to 11.6 times. Which in January and February exports fluctuated greatly, decreased from 3.3% to up 48.3%, imports continued to decline, down 19.9% and 20.5% respectively..
For the first two months of the Spring Festival, the market is more concerned about the upcoming March data. “At present, is expected in March exports will increase, but taking into account the exchange rate factor, the enterprise may not feel strong. While imports estimated still difficult to pick up. Overall first quarter not optimistic. ” The Ministry of Commerce researcher Huo Jianguo said.
The expert reminds, in January of this year, China’s exports of leading indicators, compared with 12 last year fell 1.5, the fourth consecutive monthly decline, the first quarter of this year and has been heralded the beginning of the two quarter, China’s exports are still facing downward pressure.
The trend of foreign trade enterprises is poor, also had a difficult day. The research shows that the production and management difficulties of export enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, the profit space narrowing. According to the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce survey at the end of last year to early this year, only 20% of the foreign trade enterprises to the expected full year orders increased, the expected decline in orders of enterprises reached more than 40%.
Multiple factors led to slow down
Foreign trade decline is caused by multiple factors. Wang Yang said, is the weak external demand, rising costs and other factors, but also with the implementation of policies and measures are not in place there is a certain relationship.
Comprehensive Statistics Division of the Customs Department spokesman, Zheng Yuesheng summed up in the last year, the import and export situation is pointed out, the global economic recovery is weak, weaken the domestic decline low cost advantage, the absorption of foreign investment in the manufacturing industry, the international market commodity prices continued to fall, these factors will continue into 2015, the impact of China’s foreign trade.
From the demand perspective, analysis of the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang, the world economy is still in a period of adjustment after the international financial crisis, the overall recovery trend has not significantly improved. External demand is still faced with many uncertain factors.
From the domestic situation, the economy has entered a new norm, downward pressure still exists, the investment and the economic growth have impact on import; industrial structure adjustment to labor intensive industry and processing industry accounted for the decline in the export structure, increase the proportion of general trade, processing trade proportion decline. At the same time, because of labor, finance and other business costs continue to rise, the rising resources and environmental constraints, China’s traditional industries a competitive advantage in the export control weakened, but also the formation of.
“The foreign trade situation and the current economic situation is closely linked, the rebound in manufacturing will drive the growth of foreign trade, but the present situation of domestic downtown pressure on the economy has yet to get rid of the enterprise efficiency is not high, and facing the difficult operating conditions. The recovery process will be slow. ” Huo Jianguo said.
To cultivate new growth points
Foreign trade growth target this year is 6%, from the current situation, to achieve the goal of pressure. “A greater decline in foreign trade provinces, have to use our brains, find the gap between the symptomatic measures and policies to strengthen the policy support and service support, and create a favorable environment for the development of enterprises, turn challenges into opportunities, strengthening the internal driving force of the stable development of foreign trade.” Vast demand.
For the future, the high-level thinking is to increase the number, but also improve the quality of. Wang Yang stressed that steady growth, adjusting structure of foreign trade of the “two wheels”, one is the basis of structural adjustment, steady growth, structural adjustment is the lasting power of the steady growth of foreign trade; to optimize the product and market structure, improve the export product quality, grade and added value.
Efforts to optimize the structure of foreign trade enterprises, expanding the market opening to the outside, private enterprises and other types of enterprises to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity, to inject new vitality into the development of foreign trade. Efforts to optimize the trade, encourage enterprises to innovative business models, and cultivate new growth points of foreign trade.” Wang pointed out.
The industry is expected, with the national and the forthcoming introduction of stable foreign trade measures put in place, policy effects will soon appear. Shen Danyang said that the expansion of exports and imports increase policy now is more perfect, we are trying to consolidate the traditional advantage in foreign trade, accelerate the development of new competitive advantages of foreign trade in technology, brand, quality, service as the core of the strategic concept of “along the way” is speeding up, high level of FTA network is being constructed, cross-border e-commerce, emerging market purchase trade development, foreign trade has generally stabilized for the better situation, these are favorable factors.

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