chengdou Brief introduction

Chengdu , another name ” Chengdu ” , capital of Sichuan province , deputy provincial cities. June 7, 2007 , in Chengdu urban and rural comprehensive reform pilot area formally approved by the State Council for approval. In 2011 the State Council approved the ” Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone Planning” Chengdu is positioned as full international metropolis. 2012 , Chengdu GNP 8,138.94 billion yuan, the total economic output ranked second in the capital city , China mainland cities eighth.
Chengdu resident population of 14,178,625 people , sub-provincial cities ranked first, fourth city in China , accounting for 17.7% of the population in Sichuan , a net increase of 293.91 million people in ten years , the average annual population growth in the proportion of 2.4% , showing a smooth continuous growth. Chengdu The area of ​​12,119.2 square kilometers . 2012 built-up area of Chengdu city center is 515 square kilometers , 2012 in Chengdu city center built urban resident population of 670 million people.
Chengdu in western Sichuan Minjiang River area , the territory of 387-5364 meters above sea level , the east Longquan Mountains , west Qionglaishan . West, north to south of the Longmen Mountains . Plain area of ​​36.4% , 30.4% hilly areas , mountainous areas account for 33.2%. Plains northwest to southeast , with an average gradient of 0.3%. Subtropical humid monsoon climate , four distinct seasons , summer heat and winter cold , the annual average temperature of 16.7 ℃. Annual average sunshine hours 1071 hours , the average annual rainfall 945.6 mm . Chengdu Plain is located in the eastern district , with an average altitude of about 500 meters . Plain is the largest plain in southwest China . Minjiang River is located on the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project , and its irrigation canal network fanning in the vast Chengdu Plain , the Plain become a ” flood and drought from the people, do not know hunger ,” the “Land of Abundance .”
Chengdu has a long history , profound culture , is one of the first historical and cultural city , the ” Land of Abundance “, ” Xiu Jiangnan” , “Xiu Jervois ” reputation. According to historical records , about the middle of the 5th century BC, the ancient Shu enlightened reign IX will have Fan capital from Canton Township ( Shuangliu ) moved to Chengdu , and build fortresses . Chengdu is one of eight dynasties , Sichuan , married, Shu , into the Han, Qiao Shu Former Shu , Shu , Onishi other regimes have been in the capital, the Tang Dynasty and the Republic had existed as a temporary capital of the country . [ 2 ]
February 8, 2001 in Chengdu Jinsha found the beginning of urban history , the history of the city of Chengdu in advance to 3,000 years ago .