Canton Fair 2012

The 112th Canton fair held the first period end of 19. The first period to mechanical and electrical products, according to the chamber of commerce reflect to the purchaser quality improved, but tender than increasing scale. Brand exhibition area obvious advantages, the enterprise and the effect of the brand is developed.

According to mechanical and electronic chamber of commerce survey analysis, the 112th Canton fair first period to the purchaser quality improved. More than eighty percent said buyers purchase will increase, and the product quality and price in China held a positive attitude, but tender than go to increase, a more cautious attitude to place an order. The exhibitors reflect Europe and the United States to reduce buyers, buyers quality improved, new buyers to increase, mainly concentrated in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. Part of the electrical appliances, electronic information products and electrical equipment clinch a deal the gratifying, mechanical products mostly down to clinch a deal. Electrical appliances and consumer electronic products accounted for 53.2% of the total clinch a deal, increase the overall decline, but air conditioner, digital camera and electronic game clinch a deal the growth of more than 25%. Electronic information products overall performance is good, mobile, telephone, GPS navigator and modem become growth window.

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It is reported, the second phase of the Canton fair to consumer goods, gifts to give priority to, will be held on October 23, opening.