Cake baking seven common errors

Cake baking seven common errors

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baking cup machine  Baking is a very precise thing, when we bake often ignore some small details, especially in the production of cake, is likely to go astray completely baked out. You must use 120% attention, strict adherence to procedures and requirements on the menu. Today,  listed seven we often make cake baking mistakes, take a look at what you often make.

Error 1: Do not sift flour

Many people skip this step sift flour, I think this is a waste of time, but sifting is a very important step. Sifted flour clumps can be removed to ensure that your cake will not dried agglomerate.

Error 2: There is no complete mixing batter

This problem is likely to occur in chocolate cake ingredients. Of course, if all you do is marble cake, skip this step. But if you do not want your full chocolate swirl cake, please be sure sufficient mixing of raw materials, but do not over-mixing, especially when using a stirrer. Blender will excess air stirred into the batter, and you will do cake collapse. Or you could try to gently stirred by hand. You need to achieve a perfect balance, so that all the materials are thoroughly stirred.

Error 3: The importance of oil-paper

Sometimes you feel using greaseproof paper is a very troublesome thing, but if you grilled too soft cake when mold oiled basically can not help you much. It would be better to oilpaper happy.

Error 4: open the oven door during baking

We can easily open the oven door during baking a cake baked cake to see how, open the oven can easily lead to fluctuations in temperature within the oven, which may cause your cake to collapse.

Error 5: Mold is too small

Follow your die size to bake a cake. Do not use an 8-inch cake pan, equipped with a 9-inch cake batter. The batter is very easy to overflow or in the middle of the cake to form a huge mountain.

Error 6: The cake is not cooked it out

Before you take the cake out of the oven, make sure the oven is baked. You can look at the cake with a toothpick tie, if pulled toothpick is clean, that prove your cake has done.

Error 7: hurry to cut the cake release

Waiting is difficult. Cake flavor is too tempting, you might can not resist the temptation. But we do have to wait for the re-release the cake cool and then cut. Left at room temperature, do not want to use the refrigerator to cool this opportunistic approach, if you use the refrigerator, and finally the sticky cake. Delicious always a price.

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