Beijing 43 kinds of paper products have been delisted

Bacteria in wet tissue paper and disposable paper cups water is deformation… On May 5,, the Beijing municipal administration of industry

and commerce shall order 43 kinds of substandard quality paper products delisted, 13 of them are manufactured in baoding city.
Beijing municipal industrial and commercial department recently commissioned national paper quality supervision and inspection center

and the physics and chemistry analysis and test center in Beijing, in Beijing for sales of paper products for quality testing, including toilet

paper, sanitary napkin (including sanitary pads), tissue paper (including the wet wipes), baby diapers (diaper/mat), paper cups, were

detected with 43 kinds of unqualified products.
This test paper cups in the most problematic, multiple sample paper cup problems such as fading, use when serious deformation, and

individual disposable paper cups was found to have a fluorescent substance, is a enterprise to make a paper cups more beautiful,

use add the fluorescent whitening agent board of raw materials, resulting fluorescent material, which have carcinogenic hazards.

Used for cleaning the test also found that the wet paper towels, part has been checked out total number of bacterial and fungal colony,

thus become sources of pollution. In addition, the mini paper handkerchief softness was detected is not standard.
In this unqualified 43 kinds of paper products, ManChengXian dividend mill production blue cat card the removable tissues, YunLu

brand super soft three layers; Xu Shui sun paper processing factory production of small airdropping, Meg son brand really soft series

boutique outfit, the clown fish card household paper; ManChengXian golden harvest health products factory production only beautifu

l love; Xu Shuixian longyuan paper co., LTD production of longyuan soft 3 layer; XiongXian knorr paper plastic products co., LTD.

Production of tianlun Rio domestic general paper cups; Hebei matte paper co., LTD production of 10 volumes among the torch orchids;

Baoding city dongsheng sanitary products co., LTD production baby 12 roll economy; Paper mill production jingkelong brand of toilet

paper ManChengXian welfare; Baoding bei JiaBao paper co., LTD. Production of paper napkin; The city yongfa paper mill production of

wen xin “brand toilet paper and so on 13 species are produced in our city. The products respectively for transverse tensile index,

the stiffness of the cup body, the decolorization test substandard housing or product label is not in conformity with the provisions

of delisting was in Beijing.
Yesterday reporters visit found that unqualified delisted in Beijing part of the paper products supermarket is still sold in our city.

– a reporter Hammond