Bakingcup machine operation to avoid problems

Now, in all the cake room, in order to make your own cake has a good article, even if it is sold in the ordinary cakes, also want to do a good job of outer packing cake. Outer packing and more valuable, now is in the use of bakingcup machine. Next, we will talk about using bakingcup machine to avoid operation problems are those. Baking machine cups in the use process, the most easy to use problem appears is the leakage phenomenon, for this point, before each operation to do a good job in the relevant aspects of the inspection, when the inspection after confirm the leakage phenomenon does not occur after the operation, in the boot. Attention should be paid to bakingcup machine running track, the main is to do a good job in terms of clearing obstacles. Because there will be a variety of residue often this orbit, and these residues if not timely clean-up, because the track smooth enough, therefore, do something out there may appear quality problem, so don’t ignore this point operation requirements.