baking paper cup machine in India market

South India rather than just started the new Delhi “village in city”, have better industry base. According to Chinese production paper cup machine the boss of the company introduces, their company produced every year hundreds of sets of paper cup machine, mainly are sold in southern India.

These 50000 yuan of a paper cup machine, making prices higher than India made the same machine to cheap a times, and compared with Europe and the United States more cheaper three times. For Chinese goods of the government of India to stop speaking, of course, do not wish to India even paper cups also imported from China, but it is almost impossible to refuse to these inexpensive machine.

At present, China has hundreds of manufacturing paper cup machine enterprise, every year a total export to tens of thousands of machine to India, these cheap machine, promote the popularity of the paper cups in India, nature also created many new jobs. According to sina finance and economics know, southern India “city village” in the workshop and China non-woven bag making machine, bag making machine, carton manufacturing machine and so on.

All this, let people associate with China’s 90 s pearl river delta family workshop. It was from these workshop, out of the beautiful, reye’s lighting and so on manufacturing big enterprise.

To make, first investment

The boss is introduced, India in manufacturing as early as the base, and workers grasp of the technology is also very good, India also have manufacturing paper cup machine factory. However why hindus also needs China machine, the problem is that India from foundation form a complete set to industrial chain have failed to keep up with the rhythm of the manufacturing industry cluster.

Zheng boss said, India although paper cup machine, but a lot of parts are need to go to China to buy, plus the Indian work efficiency is low, the power supply is insufficient, can only produce a year more than a dozen machine, cost than China more than doubled. Finally lead to many originally in local open factory paper cup machine of India’s people became his agent. And these agents has a advantage, our own technology, do not need to after-sales service, make China machine can sell more cheap.