baking cup made of edible

With the improvement of living standards, on a variety of foods are increasingly high requirements, not only

requires the food delicious, also called the beautiful packaging, baking cup in these foods is one of them.
Now almost each cake with cupcakes, although the emergence of cupcakes brought great convenience, but the cupcake

is a one-time, the destruction of the environment is great.
It is because people realized the cupcakes for the destruction of the environment greatly, a German baking Institutions

after years of research developed a kind of edible cupcake. This usage cupcakes and ordinary paper cake tray is the same,

but this paper cake tray can be eaten together with the cake, using this muffin cup without any harm to the environment.
This paper cake tray is made of edible material, such as potato starch, corn starch. This paper cake tray was introduced

by the majority of consumers. Not only taste delicious, but also more interesting.