Baking cup machine comments

Baking cup machine comments

baking cup machine A netizen commented:
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We all do not have an muffin cup machine?
If not used baking cup, placed in the microwave oven is difficult to clean!

Sign II:
The real purpose of the baking cup is waterproof and oil sticking prevention, but also to prevent heat evenly scorched, ha ha.
baking cup  also has the role of barbecue and cooking, such as barbecue ah, cooking ah, fried eggs, sausage and so on.

User three:

You can use aluminum foil and foil main invention is a method of cooking classes for baking

But personally I think that the use of foil safer because studies have found that Alzheimer’s disease and may be related to excessive intake of aluminum

User Four:

I do not know if you have not used the muffin cup , this paper excellent heat resistance, oil, water, anti-sticking, very suitable test bread, barbecue.

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