automatic lotus cup machine

automatic tulip cup machine

automatic lotus cup machine












Machine Introduce:

In 2008, we have developed the semi-automatic tulip cup machine, after several years of groping,

we suceed in manufacturing the automatic tulip cup machine in 2013.

Our auto machine  advantage:

Compare with Italy auto machine and Korea auto machine.

italy machine
speed:slow than us.
machine price:4 times than us
Korea machine:
speed:the same as us
machine price: 2.4 times than us
Why buy automatic machine not semi-automatic machine?

1.Automation means not only saving of labor and salary, but also involving the benefits of workers.

What’s more, many labor law restrictions would be less, grants and the risks under the adverse weather

would be less. For example, many of the foreign countries need to pay extra wage to the worker especially

in the hot weather, or it will be much more troublesome in case anybody would be suffered from heatstroke.

2.Easy to operate refers to it is easy to employ the workers because skillful workers is unnecessary.

The more choices, the less salary!


Our CE:

ce english

















 This machine is developed by focusing on Europe and America market , we have already applied for CE certification, 

which can sell to EU countries in future.



TCM automatic Tulip Cup Machine

Paper material

greaseproof paper,PE coated paper and others

Paper  specification

40 gsm~120 gsm

production capacity

1600 pcs/hour

Total power


Power supply


Air supply

0.8 MPa



packing meas


End products photo:

automatic tulip cup machine



 automatic tulip cup machine 2

tulip cup machine (3) tulip cup machine (2)

















export quality wood case:
















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food container machine (3)









food container machine (2) food container machine



















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