Argentina paper cups in starbucks

Argentina’s starbucks feel very sorry everyone. It through the push’s statement, starbucks import paper cups have run out and stop imports, you drink to starbucks coffee may be with Argentina domestic paper sunday-go-to-meeting.
This looks more like to Argentina’s latest import system humorous satire. The paper or Argentina paper for the taste of the coffee influence, not big to taste the extent of the out. However, in some other things are very different. Like import color printer’s ink. Now, consumers get is almost waking answer: no ink cartridge, also may not come again.
International economic recession under, developing countries are taking different measures to hold. Latin America in recent years development momentum good Brazil, take currency devaluation and increase the government public expenditure policy. Though this guarantee the Brazilian export competitiveness and low unemployment rate, but the rising price of imported products to promote the inflationary pressure.
It is in this point, Argentina can’t follow the lead of Brazil. Argentina since 2001 after suffering from serious economic crisis, peso devaluation brought good export competitiveness, plus the main export product soybean (4744, 9.00, 0.19%) international prices, the government has plenty of funds increased public spending, promote consumption. Argentina’s economic growth speed and therefore once close to China, but 25% of inflation is high. If Argentina and Brazil currencies devaluation, I’m afraid I can cause severe vicious inflation, purchasing power of residents extreme decline, resulting in the national economic collapse of the disaster is not impossible.
“Move” only restrict imports. In order to avoid the international trade organization of punishment, Argentina to adopt a “blunt the sword cow” soft restrictions. That is to say, Argentina has not publicly banned the import of goods each category, but will the existing non automatic license coverage extends to all imported products. Approved by the need to import project to accumulate, and the government seemed to intentionally or unintentionally to reduce program execution efficiency, and the mountains of goods to delay months to allowed to import.
Argentina’s government hopes to continue to come to a balanced trade surplus, prevent dollars escape from Argentina. In the global financial crisis under, only through the import restrictions, and limit its citizens to buy dollars, the government can ensure that dollar reserves to pay is about to expire national bonds and loans. In the short term, these policies really produce the effect. In April this year, Argentina central bank news, and national foreign exchange reserves of up to $50 billion a historical records, the trade surplus also keep more than us $1 billion.
Argentina is not first take restrictive import policy. The 1950 s, the peronist President had to adopt a “import substitution industrialization” policy. However, domestic industrial production for the technology and raw materials are still trust in import.
The situation has also does not have the too big change, Argentina didn’t even production own brand color printer enterprise. But Christina President strict restrictive import policy, almost covers all imported products, many Argentina enterprise required production material was also stop in outside the customs. Originally in order to promote the domestic enterprise development policy, on the contrary make more domestic enterprises for lack of raw materials and accessories to shut down.
Argentina in South America common market partner Uruguay is also affected. Dozens of Uruguay enterprise give up Argentina market find another way out. China’s chery car enterprises in Uruguay factory, this year only completed the export Argentina a third of the plan. At present the factory to keep only 40 on-the-job personnel, the rest of the 400 people forced to paid suspended.
Argentina in South America’s biggest partner Brazil is back in anger. Brazil has begun to set Argentina import food cap, a large number of carrying fruits, food and olive truck be blocked in outside the customs. The United States Obama government has also in March this year announced the suspension of Argentina’s trade most-favoured-nation treatment.

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Restrictive import measures by the international society severely criticized. June, 42 countries to the world trade organization (wto) against Argentina restrict imports is virtual trade protectionism. But Christina government has said that a import and export policy fully comply with the provisions of the wto.
Argentina restrictive import products, is Christina President keep existing economic system from the collapse of optimization method. Although incurred a lot of countries dissatisfaction, but the real to Argentina to take trade retaliation country only a few, the international community to play only stay in saliva battle phase. Since interests more than disadvantages, the Argentine government natural what is there against it, close the door number money to the.