2013 Saudi packaging industry exhibition PROPACK

2013 Saudi international packaging exhibition held once every two years, and obtain UFI (international expo alliance) the authentication. In the Middle East’s largest consumer market Saudi run for the most advanced packaging technology and equipment manufacturers to provide a good display platform, 2012 Saudi packaging exhibition hall area of square meters, more than 2 extension audience more than 15000 people, more than 30 countries attracted 462 exhibitors to come to the Chinese enterprise, a total of 39 home, the total number of giving to 45 people, China area of 338 flat.
Saudi packing market.

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The Arab has the world’s largest oil reserves (26% of the world’s proven oil reserves). The purchasing power of $174 billion a year, the market share of the private economy has dominated the whole country 46% of GDP, is the Middle East region’s largest terminal consumer market. She is not only the Middle East and Africa region adjacent to the largest country in the trade, but also the economic largest and fastest growing market. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as the capital, is the central hub, government agencies, all kinds of business organizations, the seat of the embassies or consulates countries, is the national decision-making center, is also a Saudi upper class grow the fastest place, Riyadh with its national economy in all departments have vast opportunities for enterprises to enter the Saudi market provides an ideal platform.
2500 the company sales of $21.2 billion, behind the printing, packaging, and the growth of plastic products, plastic and chemical industry is second only to oil and gas industry, Saudi Arabia development biggest fastest industry. Saudi oil chemical industry investment has more than $42 billion more. This is a direct result of the printing and packaging industry in the private economy has been in high speed development stage. The rapid development of the power source from Saudi Arabia about 2500 factories every year 21.2 billion sales. And the past five years development plan next year will be more statute gave 600 new enterprise.
2013 Saudi packaging sif forum tip:
1. Saudi people admire white, green, avoid in yellow.
2. Fast pork or its food, alcohol and alcoholic beverages.
3. Public strictly according to men and women, men and women special open ban with entertainment.
4. Hold exhibition, Friday morning opening ban.
5. Besides in the apartment or the hotel guest room can drink outside, any other public places are not allowed to drink.