how to choose the good machine supplier in China?

1. Choose the supplier who manufacture the machine by themselves:

In China, especially in Ruian City, there are many factories in big or small size, they produce product “a” by themselves,

but purchase product “b” from factory B and product “c” from factory C. In their website, it is written as they produce

product “a”, “b” and “c”. But when you go to visit their factory, you can not see product “b” and “c” at all, they maybe

give a reason that there is no stock, or you can see the machine in the factory but they do not willing to start the machine

and just show you the video in computer, their reason is that machine has not been finished, so they can not start the machine.

For us:

All the products in our website you can see in our factory, no matter whether it is semi-finished product or finished

product, any kinds of machines can be started on site. If it is not convenient for you to come, we can supply you a lot of video

that we test our customer’s finished machine.


2.Choose the supplier who are specialized in developing bakery paper products machine:

As we all know, with respect to paper cup machine, bakery paper products machine is not a common machine, there is a few

factory can manufacture it. I know many other factories or trading companies purchase from suppliers like us and then sale

to their customer. Therefore, if you are not familiar with this industry, it is easy to buy a machine of resale transactions,

that’s not good thing for machine’s quality and warranty.

For us:

To be honest, we can be regarded as the most professional supplier to manufacture bakery paper products machine,

we neither produce paper cup machine,paper plate machine,not print machine, we only produce bakery paper products

machine. Because of concentration, we spend a lot of time to improve our machine, we made the China’s first manual

tulip cup machine and muffin cup machine(souffle cup machine) in 2006, after several years of constant research and test,

we developed the China’s first automatic tulip cup machine and muffin cup machine(souffle cup machine)in 2013.


3.Choose the supplier who has many years of experience in developing mold:

In the industry of bakery paper packaging,except the basic and standard baking cup (cake cup), other cup in special forms

are all required the experienced factory to design and produce mold, for example, muffin cup and tulip cup customized

by customer.

For us:

We have started to help foreign customers to customize mold since 2006, we can manufacture all kinds of mold no matter

it is standard or not.




4. Choose the supplier who can supply the machine with simple design but practical to use:

In order to realize a machine with simple design and practical to use, it is required for many years of manufacture

experience, only in that case, the factory can get many feedback from customer and they can improve the machine

according to the feedback accordingly.

For us:

Please see example of our machine as below.

The developing history of Muffin cup machine (souffle cup machine):

Manual machine in 2006(The first muffin cup machine/souffle cup machine in China)




















 Semi-automatic machine in 2008
















Automatic machine in 2013(The first automatic muffin cup machine/souffle cup machine in China)
















We were researching and improving the machine constantly during these 8 years, this is why our muffin Cup machine (souffle cup machine) becomes the best in China today.