From the details of the office to analyze the muffin cup

Like to eat small cake friends all know, usually before the muffin cup manufacturer, there will be a layer of paper cup by fixed form, and many of them, is what we call the crimping cup. Below, let us from the details to analyze, why do we call it as the muffin cup manufacturer.
As mentioned earlier, this is a layer of paper like material, yes, the main component of it is the day we learn in life and work will contact the four treasures of the study in the muffin cup supplier, say you may find it incredible, because everyone will be amazing, so beautiful process, why the simple paper can constitute and no doubt, this is its main material.
And why do we like to call it, careful friends may find the reason, that is, it is extended to the outside at the muffin cup supplier mouth, and then down, looks like flowers, let a person shine at the moment, love, especially when we went to touch it, just like picking a bright flowers, soliciting idea. The name of the resulting cup of curling.

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