Free Website Build Service

In order to grow the Online Marketing, we have employed several network technicians in the end of 2016 to professionally work with our own website, such as, establish, optimize and promote website etc.

In 2017, we have introduced a new policy as follows:

From now on, we will give a brand new website to customer who have released the order with more than 8000 USD for free for 2 years (use brand new domain)

Website example:

for bakery packaging manufacturer customer



for paper product machine trader


2 years later, the customer can still use the website for free for 1 year per order with 2000 USD,or directly pay service cost 50 USD 

We established such kind of website. In fact, it will take 350 USD at least to find a professional company in China, and the service cost should be 150 USD per year, let alone a foreign website establishing company, which must be very expensive. So we not only understand the establishment of website, but also get well known about baking industry more than any other website establishing company.

Dear customers, let’s work together to develop network sales in 2017!